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A Day in Livermore Valley

Nestled in the heart of California’s wine country, Livermore Valley beckons with its captivating blend of scenic beauty and world-class wineries. The ideal day in Livermore Valley varies from person to person – with so much to explore we asked our Founde, Phil Wente and his daughter, 5th Generation Wine Grower, Jordan Wente, what their perfect day looks like. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the treasures of this enchanting region, from wine tasting to strolling through charming downtown streets lined with boutique shops and inviting eateries. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, history buff, or nature lover, Livermore Valley offers something for everyone to savor and enjoy.

Phile Wente with wine glass

Phil’s Ideal Day in Livermore Valley

In the heart of California wine country lies the charming town of Livermore, where Phil Wente has not only witnessed but actively contributed to the community’s growth. Born and raised in Livermore, Phil’s deep connection to his hometown is evident in the way he spends his ideal day. Join us as we step into Phil’s shoes and explore the activities that make Livermore a truly special place.

Morning: Teeing Off with a View at Wente Vineyards Golf Course

Phil begins his day with a round of golf at The Course at Wente Vineyards, a masterpiece designed by Greg Norman. Surrounded by breathtaking views, challenging holes, and panoramic vistas, Phil experiences a unique golfing adventure that sets the tone for a day of leisure and luxury.

Afternoon: Savoring History and Handcrafted Wines at Murrieta’s Well

Following an active morning, Phil visits Murrieta’s Well, a historic estate known for its handcrafted, estate-grown wines. Phil immerses himself in the rich history of the estate, where the legacy of Joaquin Murrieta intertwines with the artistry of winemaking. The wine-tasting session becomes a celebration of heritage, as Phil indulges in flavors crafted with care and passion.

Optional Stop: Baughman’s – A Local Shopping Gem

If time permits, Phil might visit Baughman’s, his favorite local spot for unique finds and a community vibe, adding a touch of local culture to the day.

Evening: Dinner in Downtown Livermore

As the day progresses, Phil gathers with friends for a delightful dinner in downtown Livermore. From classic establishments to new and trendy spots, Phil explores Livermore’s diverse culinary offerings, each representing a chapter in the town’s culinary evolution. Phil enjoys sharing this experience with friends.

Jordan Wente

Jordan’s Ideal Day in Livermore Valley

Jordan Wente is a mom of three who knows how to balance family fun, outdoor exploration, culinary delights, and moments of self-indulgence in Livermore. Join Jordan as she describes her ideal day, filled with activities that capture the essence of Livermore’s diverse offerings.

Morning: Trailblazing Adventures with the Kids and Pups

Jordan starts the day by taking her three little adventurers and their furry friends on an energetic outdoor excursion. They explore their favorite Livermore hiking trails at the Del Valle Regional Park and Sycamore Grove Park, providing breathtaking vistas, fresh air for the kids and a chance for the dogs to stretch their legs.

Midday: Culinary Exploration in Downtown Livermore

After their morning adventures, Jordan leads the crew to downtown Livermore to discover new lunch spots. They enjoy a variety of flavors from the diverse downtown restaurants, creating delicious meal memories.

Afternoon: Wine Tasting and Girl Time at Murrieta’s Well

Once the kids are settled, Jordan enjoys some “me” time with her girlfriends at Murrieta’s Well. They indulge in a sophisticated wine-tasting experience, relishing the seasonal menus and wine pairings.

Spa Retreat: The Purple Orchid for Massage or Facial

To conclude the day, Jordan treats herself to a pampering session at The Purple Orchid. A massage or facial provides a serene escape in the heart of Livermore, allowing for relaxation and rejuvenation.