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Lwga Murrietas Well Estate Vineyard 118 2

“Making wine is a beautiful experience. There is nothing quite like growing fruit in the vineyard, caring for it in the winery and crafting it into something people can enjoy in many ways. I believe in creating wines that are exceptionally pleasing and intriguing at the same time.

The wines we create inspire people to think about where the grapes are grown.

For me, blending is the most exciting part of winemaking. We carefully allow each varietal to develop to its peak potential in the vineyard and then, through blending, I am truly able to put an artistic touch on the winemaking process. It requires an open mind, experience and patience to try and try again until you get the blend just right. Making wines through the Murrieta’s Well estate vineyard is literally being a part of California wine history and I am honored to be the winemaker here.”


– Robbie Meyer, Winemaker